The Process of Commissioning Custom Dolls

Whenever you are ready to finalize your details (doesn’t need to be at the time of your order) I ask that you please send an E-mail to with the details for your dolls.

Breastfeeding Dolls

For custom breastfeeding dolls, I will need to know the pose you would like and aproximate age of baby, skintone and hairstyles (photos are best for these), preferred eye style (dot eyes or closed with lashes), clothing selections (you can send photos or describe what you would like or give me more general preferences and let me decide). You do not need to send me a breastfeeding photo to copy, very few people have one they like myself included which is why I think these dolls are so special. You can send a bf photo for pose or describe the pose and send a clothing photo (worn or laid flat). A lot of people also describe something general like a whimsical dress with a flower crown, etc. I can help with any of your selections so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you want to go with! Let me know if you have any questions ♥️