Giving Back

Jen is passionate about helping others and is always looking for new opportunities to use her art to give back and serve important causes.  Here are a few recent examples:

Angel Babies (ongoing)

A few weeks after starting Jen's Pretty Pegs, Jen received a commission for a custom family set which included the family's stillborn daughter Gwen. Jen collaborated with Gwen's mother on the design of an angel baby doll, which Jen included in their set at no charge, and started including complimentary angel baby dolls upon request with all custom family and motherhood dolls. 

A few months later, Jen added a way to make these dolls available without a separate purchase, and began donating three angel baby dolls each month through her Etsy shop in honor of her own three miscarriages. These dolls are also available for purchase, and additional dolls are frequently donated by others. 

Having experienced loss herself, Jen understands the importance of providing a tangible keepsake for bereaved parents, a way for friends or family to show their love and support, and an opportunity to represent your complete family. 

RBG Fundraiser - Sept 2020

Jen was heartbroken by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) who she had always seen as an inspiring __.  Faced with the decision of whether to continue to sell her popular mini RBG dolls, Jen decided to run a fundraiser in Jen's Pretty Pegs VIP Group offering the dolls for sale and donating all proceeds other than a flat shipping cost to the ACLU in an effort to honor RBG's legacy and continue her life's work. Due to overwhelming interest, Jen closed the fundraiser after 48 hours after reaching $5000 (167 donated dolls).

Healthcare Worker Fundraiser - April 2020

Jen lives in New York which was an early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to honor local healthcare workers, support local businesses, and create a way for others to honor healthcare workers, Jen offered custom mini healthcare worker dolls and used the $600+ proceeds to have a local business deliver food to healthcare workers at a local hospital.  

Stacey Abrams Fundraiser -- Jan 2021 

Jen painted dolls of activist and voting rights champion Stacey Abrams and donated a portion of the proceeds from each doll to Fair Fight PAC, which was founded by Stacey Abrams to promote fair elections around the country, encourage voter participation in elections and educate voters about their rights. 

Community Support  

Jen loves using her art to support her community, regularly contributing dolls to community events such as fundraisers for local schools and dance studios, a fundraiser for a friend undergoing a health crisis, a local organization that makes care packages for families of stillborn children, and has also contributed dolls for breastfeeding events across the country.  Jen also regularly gifts dolls to people who have experienced personal hardship, and each month donates angel baby dolls for bereaved parents. She is always on the lookout for new ways to use her art to serve others.